Things to Do Before Getting a Divorce

Divorce is one of the most traumatizing events a couple can go through, and unfortunately, it is so in more ways than most people realize. Divorce is real and can happen to anyone, including couples that had originally seemed to be very compatible. Before a divorce, couples usually exhaust all the possible avenues for reconciliation, such as spiritual assistance, counseling, temporary separations, and so on, in order to find ways to continue living together. Some couples manage to talk out their issues while others are unable to resolve their problems.

When either of the parties in a marriage requests a divorce, there are some steps each party should take in a bid to protect themselves and their rights. It is important to remain calm. Allowing emotions to take over at this moment can lead to things that one might regret in the near and far-off future. One should determine when the partner wants to end the relationship. If the other partner is not willing to separate, they can look for means to resolve their issues like counseling. It is not wise to make arrangements concerning child custody and child support without seeking guidance from a qualified legal practitioner as mistakes can be difficult and costly to repair after the fact. Additionally, a couple facing a bad economic situation should consider talking to a Albuquerque bankruptcy attorney, because often it is better to file bankruptcy jointly before divorce, rather than individually afterword.

It is common for spouses to threaten partners with financial ruin or denial of child support, but these threats should not be allowed. During the time leading up to a separation, couples should try to keep their emotions in check, even when intimidated. It is important to encourage peace and to reduce the chances of anyone suffering harm, even when the other partner becomes intimidating. It is advisable to carry out extensive research before engaging a legal practitioner to represent one in a legal suit. An experienced divorce lawyer enables the protection of parental rights and also the rights to personal property. It is advisable to seek the support of spiritual leaders and/or a professional marriage guidance counselor. Most couples should be able to settle matters out of court. This is important as doing so reduces the complications and cost of the divorce proceedings.

In the same way that couples meet under different circumstances, each marriage is unique in its own way. Therefore, there is no single applicable method that can be used to complete the divorce process. However, a qualified family law practitioner can offer guidance on all the available processes that are used to resolve the issues that lead to the end of a marriage. Through an attorney, one can learn about all the applicable principles and rights that should be accorded the spouse and parents of children. Although separation is usually painful to some degree, it does not necessarily have to be an ugly scene.

When selecting the legal practitioner to handle the case, one should not compromise on quality. It is imperative to get a divorce lawyer with a wealth of experience in handling divorce matters. The lawyer should also suit an individual’s personal budget, goals, and needs.  Just as with any other legal matter, lawyers who have expertise in handling divorce cases should be preferred. Engaging a good family or divorce lawyer can lead to a smoother and less painful trip through the court system and divorce process.

Is a Divorce Affordable?

When reaching a decision that a marriage is no longer working, and that the time has come to part ways, there are multiple issues that should be given serious thought before proceeding with the divorce. While individuals may be determined to put an end to the marriage, they should know that the process involved is by no means as easy as it appears at first glance. Financial problems are one of the major causes of stress in marriage that may lead to divorce, but the divorce process itself brings with it even more pressure and financial strain to separated couples in many instances. It is more expensive to finance two households than one, and the decreasing value of property in most parts of the world means that separating spouses may find they owe more on their home than what it is actually worth.

Before getting a divorce, one should look at one’s financial position carefully. One is likely to undergo a dramatic change in lifestyle after a divorce. It is therefore advisable to cut down on one’s financial commitments and also to avoid taking on unnecessary debts. Instead, one should try to look for ways in which to live a more simple life, i.e. one that can be supported on a reduced budget. This is also the time to put an end to joint accounts and to make limitations on any withdrawals. One should ensure that one’s spouse is not running up debts on any jointly-held credit cards or other such accounts. Remember that in cases where a credit card account is in both your names, but your spouse defaults on payment, the creditors will hold you equally accountable for the debt; again consider talking to a bankruptcy lawyer if financial problems exist.

The process of separation is not easy. People get emotional and at the same time run the risk of financial losses. The emotional loss can be addressed by visiting a marriage guidance counselor, who can help with coming to terms with the separation process. There are also methods that can be used to take care of the financial aspect. One can decide to make the separation civil, and then share out the marital property, child visitation, and custody without going to court. This process is commonly referred to as uncontested divorce or cooperative divorce. This helps in cutting down on legal fees. It also helps in reducing the time needed to complete the divorce process. The longer the separation process takes, the more expenses are incurred. Having a divorce processed in a court of law should always be the last resort, as it involves expenses in paying lawyers to attend and to prepare for the case and significantly increases the stress of the situation.

In situations where both parties are willing to separate in a civil manner, a couple should gather all information on their assets and any debts in order to clarify their financial position. It is imperative to seek advice from a financial adviser, who will have the expertise to offer advice to couples contemplating separations. Such an adviser can offer advice on the tax implications brought about by separation. Before making a final decision on whether to divorce, individuals should consider whether or not they can really afford the divorce process. In instances where abuse is the main issue of concern, the spouse should deal with their security first before looking at the financial aspects of the separation.

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