The Internet and Divorce

The internet is a valuable tool if it is used responsibly; as a divorce attorney in Albuquerque, I know that the internet can cause a whole set of issues to deal with in the divorce process.

Webcam Parenting

The technology of webcam services like Skype has allowed parents to communicate with their children over great distances on a more personal level than a telephone. There are even states that have made virtual visitation part of state law. The issue created with this is that it is not a substitute for real personal contact, although sometimes it seems to be. People are less likely to visit a family member they have contact with over webcam, because they don’t feel the need to go visit them when they have already seen them on the computer.

divorce attorney in AlbuquerqueSocial Networks

The issue with social networks and any other public site, is that anything you put on there is evidence. In a divorce case it is an easy free legal way to get evidence. Even though New Mexico is a no fault divorce state, people tend to post all sorts of evidence (which may include evidence of lying, or evidence that suggests possible child abuse). Now that people’s phones are interconnected with their Twitter/Facebook, sharing has become easier an easier, and so there is usually ample amounts of evidence to gather from such networks.

Keep Communications Professional.

The Internet is not your place to vent, records are too permanent. You should never send any email to person you are divorcing that are anything less than professional. All my divorce clients are instructed that they have the ability to hurt their position by acting improperly or by disregarding a court order; petty conduct between the parties is really something the judge does not want to deal with. If you need to vent, go to confession, a therapist, a family member (not your children), or your lawyer.


You should also educate your children about the dangers of the Internet. They may not think there is a record, but there is. The Internet presents tons of opportunity and dangers to kids, and the best way to protect them is to talk about them. Contact me today to discuss the New Mexico divorce process.

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