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Family Law in New Mexico

When issues arise in matters of family law we understand that stress and emotions are certain to run high. Our family law attorneys can help you organize, plan and execute strategies to minimize the difficulties inherent in disputes amongst and regarding the family unit. Our firm can help you through the most difficult of divorce actions, legal separations, child custody and guardianship determinations, child spousal support valuations, post-decree enforcement and child adoptions.

Our Albuquerque family law lawyers work closely with you in these difficult scenarios to reach the best result for you. Whether you are facing a contested or uncontested divorce, our attorneys will be in your corner helping to insure that your best interests are being preserved. Division of property and debt is a major element of any divorce action and even more so in New Mexico which is a community property state. Our family law attorneys will help you navigate the troubled areas of division of assets, community and separate property, and pensions, retirement benefits and business interests, keeping your interests in mind every step of the way.

In addition to these more common areas of practice within the area of family law, our attorneys can assist you with prenuptial agreements, child visitation plans, post-divorce order modifications, and even issues arising in the arena of paternity. Furthermore, our New Mexico family law lawyers are trained and equipped to assist you with the normal to the most difficult of domestic violence cases, bearing in mind the profound effect such cases can have on you, your family and your family’s future.


Adoption is a series of steps and requirements that generates a legally binding relationship between the parent and child where a biological connection does not exist. Before an adoption can be completed, the biological parents’ rights concerning the child must be legally extinguished. This process too carries with it strict requirements and our family law attorneys can help you with each and every step along the way.


Annulment is the legal process that seeks to declare a valid marriage to be legally null and void. This declaration would be retroactive, meaning that the entire marriage could be invalidated and the parties would be placed in approximately the same proportionate positions as they had been at the time of the marriage formation. There are many reasons to consider annulment as opposed to divorce. Call our firm to have your questions answered.

Child Custody

Child custody and/or guardianship are legal terms describing the legal and personal relationship between parents and their children. The court’s determination of this relationship carries with it significance in terms of duty to care for the child, right to make decisions on behalf of or regarding the child, and physical location of the child’s residence.

Our family law attorneys can assist you in obtaining both legal and custodial custody of your child. Contact us for more information regarding your case.

Child Support

Child support is often determined by the courts or by settlement agreement. The state takes an interest in insuring that the child’s rights and needs are accounted for. It is a common misconception that the father is the only party required to pay child support. Likewise, marriage is not a requirement for child support to be appropriate. Maternity/paternity is the key issue. If you have any questions regarding this process please contact our a child support attorney.

Divorce Attorney Albuquerque

Divorce is a difficult and stressful process that requires calm, controlled counseling and support from your attorney; our divorce lawyers can give you objective and effective representation in your time of need. Divorce is a process dissolves a legal marriage, but it does much more than that. Property and debts are divided, spousal and child support are organized, and visitation and child custody are determined. The majority of these issues are resolved not in court, but in settlement negotiations between the parties and their attorneys. A divorce lawyer is strongly recommended to protect your interest should you and your spouse seperate. Contact us today regarding your divorce. If you think you may be able to resolve your marriage in a more civilized manner, you may want to see our uncontested divorce page and contact us today.

Domestic Partnership

Domestic partnership is a legal or personal relationship shared by two people who live together in domestic union, but are not legally married. New Mexico does not recognize domestic partnerships at this time but such unions forged in jurisdictions that do recognize this legal relationship are given full faith and credit. Contact our Albuquerque Estate Planning lawyer to help you plan your estate with your partner.


Paternity is the legal recognition of the parental relationship between a man (or woman) and a child determined by assessing multiple factors. The courts generally consider common law rules, petitions by interested parties and physical evidence. This court determination resonates in areas including visitation rights, child support obligations and even inheritance of real and personal property. Contact a family law attorney today if you would like help establishing paternity.

Prenuptial Agreement | Premarital Agreement

A prenuptial agreement, also called an antenuptial or premarital agreement is a contract that is generated and executed prior to entering into marriage or civil union. While the terms and subject matter of such contracts vary, division of property and debt and spousal support are common. Although these agreement are contracts, our Albuquerque Business Lawyer can draft one for your needs. Protection of personal assets and organized planning are the key advantages to such contracts. Prenuptial agreements are essential to protecting the wealthier party.

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